My grandpa is trying to tell me that I should like PK subban.

You were never a part of my childhood then now all of a sudden you feel like I should just talk to you. This is why I hate my school. The only reason. Next time, talk to me. Just because one day I was having a problem and didn’t know how to talk, you go tell my grandma? Okay. Yah. I’m pissing myself off for nothing.
I need to vent :/

People say “I hate this team” or “I hate this player”. If you hate someone or a group of people you need to take a second and make sure you are perfect!
I dont hate the leafs, I dislike the team, the team isnt the type of team I like, I dont say I hate them. Cooke hurt karlsson, do I hate him ? No. Am I still upset at him? Very much . So anyone who hates, needs to really take a step back in life.

hey lets play how hot is that hockey player

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Erik karlsson live blogging… hmmm I wonder whrre he learnt that ;)

Montreal/Tampa 3


How do you say Huge en francais?

Grand …

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there goes a fighter


if you insult my favourite player ill probably wanna stab you in the face really hard because he tries his fucking best ok and im the only one that’s allowed to talk shit about him


If watching Gregory Campbell try to skate on a broken leg doesn’t make you even a TINY BIT emotional, then frankly I don’t think I wanna talk to you

Hey look I wrote deep questions
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"i’m gonna get a boyfriend this year"


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